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What our clients are saying…October 20, 2015 
For so long, I have operated out of fear, expecting the worst and being surprised when good things happen. Working with Natasha has helped me put a lot of things into perspective. I am not only more aware of my strengths and potential, but I have an action plan to actually live and not just survive as I have been doing for so long. I am focused on being grateful for the positive things in my life and not reflecting on negative past experiences. Natasha and this experience has been a great blessing to me, and I am truly thankful for the wisdom that has been shared!
- S.J., Dallas, TX

February 21, 2015 
Communications Project Manager at Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
Greetings! I would like to recommend Natasha Gayden for any professional opportunity that is suited for her Human Resources background. She is the consummate professional and has an outstanding work ethic. Mrs. Gayden would be the "perfect" fit within your organizational structure and excellent addition to your team!
- Craig Williams

November 6, 2013 
Vice President Franchise Operations at Jack in the Box
I worked with Natasha for just under two years while at Domino's Pizza, and she was one of my most trusted partners there. Her professionalism and enthusiasm for her job was only matched by her knowledge - which was very valuable for me in the role we played. 
Natasha is a consummate professional. She defined it within the organization and role modeled the behaviors we wanted in our associates at all levels. She has a very good sense of the people she was responsible for, but balanced it very well with the needs of the business. 
For an HR professional this is critical. The ability to empathize while "towing the line" is something that not all have. Natasha is a great example of leadership whatever discipline she represents. 
Her practical skills are outstanding, whether its Associate Engagement, Talent Management, Leadership Development, or daily HR concerns. I would not only recommend Natasha highly, but would have her as a member of my organization at any time.
- Michael Redd

December 20, 2013 
Corporate Operations Executive | Leadership Development | Strategic Planning | Transformative Change Agent
Having worked with Natasha in several different leadership capacities, I have benefited from the coaching and advice she has provided. Natasha’s operational background coupled together with her human resources experience gives he a unique perspective on things. Natasha is an insightful, high energy, and straight to the point leader. She has developed the ability to be very direct, giving feedback that is difficult to receive, but as a result of the relationships she builds is able to do so in a way that is received and appreciated. Natasha has helped me grow as a leader looking at the big picture. I would recommend her as a coach to any leader who is committed to growing and becoming more effective.
- James Martindale, Strategic Leader- Dominos

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